current account                                                                                                      

Personal  Accounts  (traders, personnel, Professional ….etc.)


     Submission of work activity certificate, address and work location.

    Traders should provide a valid commercial license or the commercial register and  registration certificate from the Chamber of Commerce.

    Expatriates accounts a valid residence permit from the country they are working in or exit/entry visa for the purpose of work or the documented work contract should be shown.

    Employees’ accounts the following should be observed:

    Submission of employee salary certificate.

    Valid identity documents data and particulars should be recorded accurately.

Foreigners and none-resident accounts:

    A valid residence permit, work permit, salary certificate and a copy of employment contract. For none –residents’ current accounts, Sudan Central Bank publications should be  observed. 
    The above conditions applied to foreign currency accounts, taking into consideration the observation of the monetary department publications.

Shared accounts:

Is the type of accounts that shared by two or more people provided that the relation between them is not a business relation.


    Submission of the required identity documents for each of the partners.

    Identifying the account management responsibility, be it individual or collaborative and the maximum permitted rate of withdrawal authenticated by the individual signature if applicable, Provided that it is included in the request of the account and included as explanation in the signature cards.

Partnership accounts:

The type of account that belongs to group of people carrying out various genres of work, commercial or otherwise.


    Showing business name registration certificate issued by business registrar or the partnership certificate if the registration certificate is registered under one or more of the partners.

    Submission of partnership contract documented and approved by courts administration with the names of the partners and their addresses.

    Identifying the persons authorized to sign collaboratively and individually and the authorization limits of the individual signature.

Companies accounts:

(The companies registered under the companies’ registration law)


    Provision of companies’ registration certificate approved by registrar of commerce and submission of business assumption certificate for Public shareholding companies. 
    The company incorporation contract and terms of condition. 
    Board of directors’ decision to open an account at the concerned bank 
    Board of directors’ decision to assign authorized persons to manage the company’s account as well as their powers.



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